Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sometimes I Always Never

    I realised today that I haven't posted anything in about a month.....oops! Sorry folks. Life lately has been pretty boring, no big fishing trips or any major projects to tell you about. I have one coming up to post but I need a little more time to finish a few details on the project.

    I should report that here in Northern Michigan we have been getting a few cold days and nights which has made for some salmon coming into the rivers. I went yesterday with the fly rod and skunked my dad, I landed 4 to his zero. we were both hooking up on them good but he was having trouble holding them. The fish seem to be a little bigger this year and more healthy which is a good thing. The run that we had yesterday was of very lively fish, the majority that we hooked shot upstream like a hot torpedo, I even had one that couldn't keep itself underwater. It jumped about four times before cutting my line on the rocks.

    My apologies to anyone who actually reads this stuff with anticipation of the next post, and I will try to get a better regularity on here.
The project that has had me distracted

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  1. Ha! Life goes on whether our blogging does or not. We all experience it!