Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wild Geese and No Fish

The Mighty Mac
(photo courtesy Jason Tucker)

Sometimes it's a good idea to consider the source of information before making decisions. Such as if you are told that the sky is falling by some small chicken, it would be a good idea to not only question why the chicken is talking to you, but also to look at the sky. When a person says that they saw a good movie and recommends you to see it, consider your own taste in movies and theirs. If it doesn't match up, it probably won't be that great. If a person who has in the past bragged about knowing several good fishing spots, and has never told you where they are... don't assume that they will be accurate in telling you that a certain river is free of ice and full of steel head.

After having a long ride in my KIA Sorento at $3.65 a gallon for fuel, and a toll booth fee of $3.50 one way, we arrived at the river in question. It was snowing a wet sloppy mess at a high rate too...I forgot to mention that. So there we were, me and FR, trudging through the snow hoping to find a stretch of rapids with deep pools full of fish just begging to be caught. I could even hear them calling out "pick me, pick me, I want to be the first."

Do you see the trees in the way back?
The river was behind those.

FR breaking trail.

This was the closest thing to water on the river.

Pretty river even when frozen.

Coyote Luke - I need bigger waders.
(photo courtesy Jason Tucker)
 Well, come to find out we were duped, led astray, fooled. The info we got was nothing more than a funny joke that wasn't really that funny, to me anyhow. It is one thing to exercise on purpose, but when trickery is involved, I'd prefer to be left out of the loop. As usual though, on any little adventure, we had some good laughs and a bit of fresh air and that is what it's mostly about anyway. I'm easy going - if you don't want me to know what or where you fish, just don't tell me; don't send me out looking for wild geese where there won't be any.


  1. I later found out that conversation only referred to catching them through the ice- live and learn.

  2. Usually chicken little gets his later on, if you know what I mean...Good luck finding a better fishin' hole next time out!

  3. Just don't ask River Damsel where River X is...she won't lead you on a goose chase, she just won't tell you.

  4. Very pretty river anyway! I love your photography!

  5. RD and Cofisher, I have my own river, gts-716, river-x is too far to travel on my tin cup income. but maybe someday I'll sleep up enough energy to hitchhike that far.

  6. awesome pictures! Great blog! You got a new follower