Sunday, April 10, 2011

Picture This

[All photo's are courtesy of Quinn Sherman]

Spring Robins


 While I was enjoying the warmth of the sunshine one day last week my daughter, Quinn, asked if she could use the camera for her "bird watching club." I usually tell her the camera is off limits because it is an expensive piece of equipment and not a toy for children to play with. But, with the sun shining and the birds out singing, I just couldn't help be easily swayed in my opinion. I let her take the camera out and use it. I was definitely surprised to find out that for a nine year old, she has pretty steady hands and a sharp eye.

  After I found out she had such an interest in photographing wildlife, I suggested we head out fishing the next morning so that she could exercise her skill, and photograph her dad having a little fun in the river. I was astonished when she actually said that she would love to go fishing with me in the morning. She usually finds a long list of things she would rather do or places she would rather go. So after dropping her mom off in the morning for work, we headed out on a little field trip.

After a few hours of playing around on the river bank Quinn got a little bored and really cold so I decided we would call it a day. Even though the steelies were very active that morning I was satisfied with just one fish, seems how I don't usually get to fish if I can't find someone for her to stay with while I go out. Quinn had so much fun that day that all she wants to do now is go out for a little while and photograph her dad trying to catch a big river rocket.

The male is the only one I could catch before we had to go

Thanks for the pictures Quinn
Love from
       Coyote Luke


  1. Well Luke that was worth the wait...thanks to you and Quinn.