Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lonesome Waters

    I was thinking that since the page views on here are almost to 1000 views, that I'd toss out a short update to let you know what I've been up to lately........Nothing much.

    Well, ok I have actually been doing some stuff - fishing, kayaking, mushroom picking, but I have not had any exciting things to tell about. I have not found a huge pile of mushrooms and I have not caught any fish recently, but I have been out on some pretty lakes, in my kayak, in pursuit of fish.

  I just bought an 11' Perception America kayak, which was something I've wanted ever since my first time in a kayak. This thing is pretty nice for the price. I got it on sale along with the paddle and PFD. I do a lot of fishing by myself so I figured this would be a good investment, easy in and out of and allows me the freedom of getting out on the lakes when I have free time.

The kayak holds all of my gear without any trouble

Sometimes I prefer solitary confinement

    Yesterday was one of those times. I ended up being alone for the day and decided that with all my gear already loaded and ready to go I would try out a small lake that is known for trout, bass, and bluegill. I spent a good six hours tossing worms and throwing flies, but even though there were some fish rising they didn't want what I offered. I didn't catch a single fish but I enjoyed the warm air and partial sun while cruising in my kayak. All in all it was a good day.



  1. You're doing nothing was more than my doing something.

  2. That is just beautiful country out there...but, what is up with all the mushroom picking??? That is just something funny to me...because we don't have that kind of past time here. The kayak looks like a lot of fun!

  3. Damsel, sorry to hear that you don't have mushrooms in Utah, I know Michigan isn't the only place that gets morels but people from everywhere come here to pick them, and I love my kayak