Friday, April 29, 2011

Big Trout Opener Wash-out or Clean-up?

    Well it's the end of April already which means Trout Opener Saturday!YEA!

    Too bad my local rivers have been blown out repeatedly in the past two or three weeks and are now well above easy wading. The suckers are in on a few rivers which means stealhead and other trout will be hard to hook-up on, well that's my opinion anyway. Hopefully it will all be good fishin' now that sunshine is back in the forecast and warm days. Maybe the water will go down quickly or at least clear up enough to spot beds. The good news is morels and leaks should be popping in a few days with the warm temps and wet ground.
In the background is the river well over its
banks and into someone's yard

This was a field next to a river until it rained
    If you plan to head out for the big trout weekend be careful and have some fun even if the river is empty of hungry fish. I hope to see out there, tight lines.

                      (Let me know how ya did this weekend in the comments below)

                                 Coyote Luke

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  1. Luke, we're all getting impatient with Mother Nature. She's worn out her welcome this year. Good luck when the season opens.