Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Essox Lucius

I found this article and wanted to pass it along. I have found a new twist on an old love of this particular species. Fly fishing for these toothy critters is as much fun as dragging a lure with a spin rod.



  1. The only pike fishing I've done was up in Canada many years ago. It was great fun (and eating.) Like your new header!

  2. Cofisher...Pike is some of the best eating around here besides the few trout species. A little boney but great flavour, I grew up on them. The new header is compliments of my lovely wife, she sketches pretty good.

  3. Luke,
    I have no problems reading the blank font against the light background you've got going on here and the font is large, so you could even go down one click in font size if you wanted, but over all, it's easy on the eye. Well done ~
    p.s. I've never caught a pike..fly rod or otherwise. That fish is on my 'to catch' list!

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