Friday, June 24, 2011

A Nice Place To Live

    Last Spring I went with my family and a close friend of ours on a long weekend camping/hiking trip. Our destination was South Manitou Island which is a beautiful spot out in Lake Michigan. The camping is all primitive sites, tents only. Only a few sites even had their own burn pit for camp fires and cooking. There were restrooms so I guess it wasn't quite that primitive, but the closest store was an hour long boat ride back to main land, so forgetting something was a bad idea. The Island was really pretty and was a fun place to visit, but the little town where we launched from was really neat.

fish nets drying on a wheel

This place was for rent, I thought about it

    Fish Town. Literally a very small town built around the fishing industry hence the name. This would be the kind of place I could really get used to living in if it was still a productive industry there. It now caters to people of all sorts who are on vacation either passing through or heading to one of the islands to camp for the weekend.
This was the majority of the town

This was the dam


  1. What a cool place! Great photo really make it all the more cool. How was the fishing around there? I need more information.

  2. Looks like a pretty cool little place to explore. Is that rental still available? :-)

  3. Cofisher.... I personally did not fish there but, I am assuming the town is called "fish town" for a reason, just a guess.

  4. Wow that place looks like make believe. I once drove south of Yosemite to a little town called Fish Camp to get a license, and no one there sold fishing licenses. I was completely baffled. Great pics. I think my wife will be wanting to take a trip there once she sees this post. Tight Lines.

  5. Great post Luke, and awesome pictures. Yeah, Fish Town is a really cool spot, it looks more like New England than the Midwest. To anyone who's wondering- there's great fishing to be had all over that area, and the peninsula is loaded with wineries, orchards and cute little towns.

  6. thanks for the Extra info FR, I hadn't thought to mention all the wineries. The wineries have a taste testing tour of some kind quite often in the Lelenau penninsula/Traverse city area.