Friday, April 15, 2011

The Piney Creek Tech Pack by Fishpond

    Gone are the days of strapping a camera to my back in a weather proof bag like FR was here, or like myself, having one in its carrying case over my shoulder. No longer will I have to drop everything I'm carrying just to take a quick shot of the scenery or a friend catching a fish.. or my own fish. I have acquired a new backpack/chest pack from the company Fishpond.

    This pack is great - full of pockets and built to last. The zippers are strong and never catch the liner material or bind. The zippers are smooth enough in fact, that to get into the chest pack, I never have to put my fly rod down. The zippers can be maneuvered with one hand. The clips that hold the chest pack to the backpack are made of durable plastic and are a solid fit, sometimes difficult to unclasp with one hand if your hand is cold. I no longer wonder if the small box of flys in my coat pocket is going to be enough for the day because I have two other boxes in the back if I run out. Along with extra fly storage in the back there is plenty of room for extra clothing for temperature changes, and rain gear for those questionable days. There is a special pocket for a hydration bladder, but I haven't gotten one yet. The shoulder straps are comfortably wide and padded and have bands on either side for the drinking hose from the hydration bladder.

    This pack is weather proof as far as I can tell though I've only gotten rained on once with it so far.  My wife also likes the color and noticed it matches my jacket. (Ha ha) I would recommend it for anyone looking for a short couple hour trip wearing the chest pack alone, or an all day excursion with the whole ensemble - because did I mention it's two packs in one? I like to wear the whole thing because it helps my posture while fishing, and my neck and lower back last a lot longer. This pack is good for regular hiking as a day pack or maybe a weekend hiking trip, not just for fishing.

All day comfort at its best

The foam pad is velcro'd in so you can change your fly options quick and easy

Line nippers on a cable reel is very handy

This pocket is my camera's new home

Strong clips are a must for the abuse I give

Nice deep pockets inside and out

A few essentials

The Piney Creek has lots of storage places
    I'd like to thank Fishpond for their great product and also Kara Armano for recommending this Piney Creek Tech Pack.

(Photo courtesy Jason Tucker)
                                                 Coyote Luke

    Disclaimer: I recieved this pack free of charge in exchange for my honest opinions. These are my unbiased opinions and are in no way swayed by anyone.


  1. I like the looks of that. I'm always looking for something a little better. One question, will it make my butt look too big?

  2. that is not a question I will answer :-)

  3. Great review Luke- I can vouch that he wears it on every outing now, and let's me know it. I've been jealous ever since he got it.

  4. When you decide to get a hydration kit for the pack, check out the Platypus brand, they are made from Polyethylene, no weird taste, and can be filled with many different liquids without being ruined.

  5. Very nice man-bag there, dude. :-)

  6. AWESOME review!! I was looking at getting that pack as well! You got a new follower