Thursday, June 9, 2011

The '80's

Owl Jones has prompted a "writing" project called '80's week. Any who want to can reminisce about the 80's from there own memory, or something like that. When owl told me his idea and begged and pleaded, asked if I would join in, I reminded him that I was a 1981 classic and had no recollection of that time period. but I dug up some old photos of my childhood to share with you anyway. Enjoy!
These are all pictures taken of pictures, sorry, they turned out a little fuzzy, and some were blurry to begin with
My sister and I spent a lot of time fishin' from this rock which was bigger then.
I think she has a bass.

Winter was more fun when I was a kid, except for sharing the snowmobile with My sister

My sister still can't play the guitar

Rabbit hunting was another favorite past time with dad, so we always had new beagle pups


  1. ahhhh...the 80s. Great pictures! I was a 1979 vintage, so the 80s aren't my strongest memories but I still remember a lot of the movies, ads, tv, etc...

    The snowmobile reminds me of growing up in north dakota...even in 1997 when I graduated high school kids were still riding them to school...which usually sparked a debate on which was better Polaris or Arctic Cat

  2. aww! If I didn't know better, I would think you missed me! Love you, little bro.

  3. Nice job Luke. It is kind of hard to write about a period of time you were barely old enough to have lived through let alone recall.